Smoke Break (July 2017)

I took your hand as we drove around
For a smoke break in your car
Street lights blurred into headlights
And the music from your radio
Drowned out the busyness around of everything
Around us.
Your smile illuminates the fading light
As we laugh.
I look at you and remember all the
I should have kissed you.
But now these are the moments I live for.
I hope to always have your fingers
intertwined with mine
I lay my head back,
And watch the stars appear into the purple


Lilac (June 2017)

I came home smelling like you,
And the sky was a fading shade of blue.
I’ve studied the light freckles
forming constellations on your face,
I can’t think of another place I’d rather be
than anywhere with you.
I remember every word you said
As we laid in your bed,
Your eyes glowing in the dwindling light.
Sometimes my mind will run away from me
my thoughts closing in,
Like I can’t see,
But with you lying next to me,
I know it will be alright.

I am Writing This For You (Dec 2015)

I am writing this for you.
I know the seas aren’t the most calm right
And you’re fighting to keep from drowning,
But I am writing this for you.
Years from now,
You’re going to feel the sun on your face,
Warming every inch of your skin,
Dazzling your eyes.
You’re going to run to the city,
Buy a studio apartment and live among
those who are chasing their dreams
You’re going to glow under the city lights and
Walk hand in hand down the sidewalks
with someone who smiles at you with their
And sees you for the beautiful mess that
you are
And love every part of you.
For you are only a mess, not corrupted.
You are going to stand by the ocean
And breathe in the salt and sand,
Knowing that you no longer have to fight,
Knowing you won’t drown.
You’ll gaze at a calm sea and accept that
you will have storms but you have a vessel
strong enough to weather them.
I am writing this for you,
A warrior of your own soul,
Still persevering,
Still winning the battles,
And ultimately the war.
I am writing this for you.