Smoke Break (July 2017)

I took your hand as we drove around
For a smoke break in your car
Street lights blurred into headlights
And the music from your radio
Drowned out the busyness around of everything
Around us.
Your smile illuminates the fading light
As we laugh.
I look at you and remember all the
I should have kissed you.
But now these are the moments I live for.
I hope to always have your fingers
intertwined with mine
I lay my head back,
And watch the stars appear into the purple


Clouds (June 2017)

She said,
Something in the air tastes bitter tonight
And he told her it was in her head again.
The purple sky melted away
into the later part of the day,
And the darkness stretched,
As the stars shone right through her.
The moon was in his eyes
And she knew the way
He was staring so far away
She wondered how far his mind could go.
As she laid her hand over his and said,
I know it’s in my head.