Separation Anxiety (July 2017)

I was never afraid to die
Until I met you.
My golden haired,
Stormy eyed
You appeared to me in your glory
of unsmoked cigarettes
And a worn out skateboard.
You took my hand and I
Vowed to love you forever.
You promised no storm nor
Mountain could separate our souls.
So when our souls are tired,
And the light within us burns out,
I will wait at the gates for you.
Gold lined streets are nothing if
We are not there to walk on them together,
I want to hold your hand in the eternity
After life,
I want to gaze upon the universe
With you by my side.
How could the heavens be a place of love
If the one I love
Is not with me.


Addict (June 2017)

The toxins run through your veins
As you cry out to the porcelain in your
You can’t get through the day
Without calling me.
You tell me your problems
And I solve them one by one
By lowering your heartbeat
Telling you
You don’t need
Anyone but yourself
And me.
The nighttime falls
And you will call
Me out.
I’ll burn your throat
One shot after another,
You keep me covered
And say you’ll never speak to me again.
But you’ll call me back,
And I’ll make up for the things you lack,
You know we are the best of friends.

Toxins (June 2017)

The darkness comes out to play
And she says there’s no better way
Than to spend the day
With my head spinning this way.
Come to me,
Drown in me,
It calls.
No one can make you forget your death
Like I can.
Don’t worry
It’ll only hurt for a little while
I swear I can make you smile.
Tomorrow you’ll swear you won’t speak to
me again.
But we both know I’m your only friend.

Thoughts (June 2017)

This house is a prison.
I sit in the dark and wait for them to
Come to me through the shadows.
They whisper in my ear,
Invading my thoughts.
They reach out with their long,
Thin fingers,
Clasping around my neck.
I’m gasping for air.
But I let them consume me.
I let them cut into my veins
And tear open my soul.
There’s no use fighting them anymore.
They never sleep.
They follow me during the day wherever I
My soul is screaming
But I am powerless to make them leave.
Their whispers become louder with each
As a matter of fact,
They’re whispering to me now.