Separation Anxiety (July 2017)

I was never afraid to die
Until I met you.
My golden haired,
Stormy eyed
You appeared to me in your glory
of unsmoked cigarettes
And a worn out skateboard.
You took my hand and I
Vowed to love you forever.
You promised no storm nor
Mountain could separate our souls.
So when our souls are tired,
And the light within us burns out,
I will wait at the gates for you.
Gold lined streets are nothing if
We are not there to walk on them together,
I want to hold your hand in the eternity
After life,
I want to gaze upon the universe
With you by my side.
How could the heavens be a place of love
If the one I love
Is not with me.


Author: Kar

made of either stardust or dirt.

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