Starlight (June 2016)

You’ve got starlight running through your
And I’ve got the night running through
Let’s let our souls collide
For you are the stars to my dark sky.
You are the moon,
Illuminating every part of me until I’m full
of light again,
And lighting up a path for me to walk on.
You are the dream awake in reality,
Your celestial essence is the remedy my
soul craves
You’re alive inside of me,
Affecting my heart and brain waves,
Taking hold of me and turning me into
I was a combination of dust and bones
groggily dragging through the phases of
But you are the chalice I drink from to
make me
Now you are running through my veins,
And we are both magnificent stars in the
dark sky of life.


Author: Kar

made of either stardust or dirt.

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