The Forest (May 2016)

The light from my eyes is fading with the
afternoon sun,
Always staying asleep because I’m more
alive in my dreams
Muddling reality,
I always wished to stay asleep
Until you came in sweeping every bit of life
into my soul
Kissing my numb lips until every part of
me is
The long wilted flowers inside of me bloom
As you trace my face with your fingers.
You are the dream brought into life,
Making me want to stay awake with you in
this world forever.
Enlighten me, my darling
Make me see things in the enthralling way
you do
Follow me on this journey into ourselves,
I’ll save you from your forest
As you save me from mine.
And the lines between love and hurt will be
clear until the end of time
Just love
Just us
And the light in your eyes.


Author: Kar

made of either stardust or dirt.

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