Stormy Eyed Muse (Jan 2016)

I watched the snow swirl around your face
Your incredibly blue eyes staring off
Like you always do.
Wandering somewhere far away from
where we stood.
Dull streetlights lit our way as I followed
behind you on another unknown
But you stopped and stared at the sky
while lonely cars passed us by
I walked up next to you, squinting in the
direction you were focused on,
Hoping I could just maybe see an inkling of
what you saw
But I’ll never see what you see.
You see things so abstractly and in vibrant
color, and how it might have been in a
previous life.
While most of us can only see the black
and white.
You put your arm around me so quietly,
your hand softy landing on my shoulder,
not even the falling snow was disturbed.
And you brought me closer to you,
Keeping me warm.
Everything is so real until I open my eyes
and once again I’m reminded of how you
are only my muse.
My stormy eyed muse.
And how I long for a memory that only
exists in my daydreams.


Author: Kar

made of either stardust or dirt.

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