Intertwined (April 2016)

My hand locked in his
As I slipped under his atmosphere
Of vibrant color and beautiful lights
I was finally able to breathe
He set me free

Muse and artist intertwining with each
The diamonds in his eyes coming to life,
He was always there beside me but miles
apart from my soul
Lost in his mind,
I could never reach him
Until our lips met
And the lines between our bodies were
blurring into a masterpiece
Our lips the paintbrush,
And our skin the canvas

Your hands ran over me
Sculpting me and making me yours
And colors grew brighter
Sounds became louder
You opened my mind
And I found myself there,
Weathered and beaten
Gray and shrouded in angst.
But you gave me light
You shone through me
And filled my lungs with the sweetest air

You have set me free.


Author: Kar

made of either stardust or dirt.

5 thoughts on “Intertwined (April 2016)”

      1. Yeah i saw that….. You are new to this blogging world….. So welcome to the world of words, emotion, experience and etc……. And i am really happy to help you in any way if i can……. And yeah your really write welll….. So pleasure is all mine….. Keep smiling…. And hope you have a great journey ahead…… Stay blessed….. πŸ˜ƒ

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      2. Ohkay. Just tell me you are operating wordpress on mobile or computer…… If you are operating form mobile its pretty simple….. And if by computer just go to my account click on your profile and just change it and it will ask you to be on gravatar so do as instructed and your profile will be shown……. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


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