Anxiety (Sept 2016)

She lie in wait in the entangling forest
For her abductor.
Curled up to herself,
It was quiet,
All too quiet
She could hear her heart racing,
And her thoughts loud
Louder than the dark world raging around
She didn’t want this
She didn’t want to be captured
But maybe she deserved it.
She deserved to have the cold take over
her body,
Crippling her every move
And stifling her breath
She trembled as each slow and agonizing
footstep encroached
Faster and
Faster they were
They were coming.
The fear creating masses within her.
The moon had disappeared above her and
She opened her eyes.
She held up one quivering hand
And realized
She was her own abductor.


Author: Kar

made of either stardust or dirt.

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